We answer some commonly asked questions

General FAQ's
How does humii work?

Humii is the first and only platform combining cutting-edge technology with data collected by real anonymous shoppers across the entire online shopping experience. Our network of anonymous shoppers are continuously shopping your end to end online journey, evaluating over 200 data points, covering every customer touch point imaginable.

What is the humii score?

The Humii Score is a proprietary metric that measures the health of the customer experience (CX) of online businesses. It is calculated based on a wide range of factors and is designed to be a comprehensive measure of online customer experience, providing businesses with a clear understanding of how they are performing and where they can make improvements. Retailers can use the Humii Score to benchmark their customer experience against industry segments, as well as competitors, to identify areas for improvement, and track their progress over time. By focusing on improving their Humii Score, businesses can enhance their overall online performance, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

How often will you shop my store?

We allocate up to 1000 hours of shopping time to you and your competitors each year. Our team of anonymous shoppers is diverse and extensive, humii aims to give you a variety of voices over a certain amount of time.

Which KPI's does humii directly influence?

We take pride in helping our retail partners win. Our data-driven insights have helped our retailers decrease churn by as much as 32%. Our research has shown that there is a direct correlation between the customer experience score delivered by humii and a company's performance, with top-scoring retailers yielding three times more returns to their companies and shareholders. By leveraging our cutting-edge insights, you can significantly enhance the customer experience and witness improvements in key performance indicators such as customer retention, abandonment rate, and revenue.

How many competitors can I benchmark against?

Depending on your plan you can select as many as nine competitors for a direct side-by-side comparison. We also compare you against all retailers on our platform as well as your own industry segment (which you select upon sign-up).

How do we get started?

Reach out to the humii team here and we can arrange a 20 minute demo.  As humii uses public data we can start shopping straight away (we may have already shopped you and your competitors!)

Why does my dashboard say "data incoming"?

To provide an accurate assessment of your customer experience we need to have collected enough data. If we've just recently shopping your store OR we've not collected enough data on part of your experience for some time, our dashboard will display a message indicating we do not have enough data to proceed.

We already have NPS! Why do we need humii?

Humii offers a far more comprehensive and nuanced approach to measuring customer experience. Unlike the oversimplified and one-dimensional NPS, which asks customers their likelihood of recommending a product or service during a specific stage of the ecommerce journey, humii captures objective, unbiased feedback across the entire customer experience including pre and post-purchase. This provides a more accurate and holistic understanding of customer experience, insights on what to do next, as well as deeper understanding of performance via our competitor benchmarking.

Do we need an expert to help us understand humii's insights?

No, you don't need an expert to understand humii's insights. Our reporting is user-friendly and accessible to anyone, regardless of position or expertise. We provide information from over 1000 anonymous shopping hours through our interactive dashboard, with real-time insights and the ability to easily filter your data in a simple, digestible format.

We're making changes to our website. Should we wait until we're finished to start using humii?

The world of ecommerce is constantly changing, and so are your customers expectations. Humii will add huge value, regardless of where your website is at. Got an old, clunky website? Got a new, shiny one? Knowing what your customers think of your experience is critical, no matter where you're at.

Humii is here to help you stay ahead of the game at any stage of your journey. With our real-time insights, you can get timely reactions to changes (so you can be sure your website changes have benefited your customers) alongside highlighting priorities for your roadmap.

Can I alter humii's standard set of questions?

Our anonymous shoppers ask tough questions of your experience, as well as your competitors. Covering over 200 data points along the customer journey, we ask a standard set of question so we can benchmark your performance against everyone else! We are however working on a new custom survey feature to allow additional questions to be added. Stay tuned!

It's sometimes difficult for us to make changes quickly, won't the data become repetitive?

Our reports offer real-time insights in an interactive format, providing timely reactions to your changes and highlighting priorities for your roadmap. The results are influenced not only by your own performance but also by industry trends, customer expectation and what your competitors are up to. We understand it's hard to allocate resources, our insights help you make informed decisions about what changes to prioritise for quick results, and provide the biggest boost to your customer experience.

Will you provide us with suggestions on how we can improve our humii score?

Humii's insights are designed to be simple and self-explanatory, allowing you to take direct action. Our intelligent AI works hard to surface the issues customers care most about.

How long does it take to get up and running?

Our anonymous shoppers begin monitoring your site and competitors immediately. With data on over 600 retailers across 15,000 hours of shopping, there's a chance we're already watching. Our real-time platform typically delivers insights within a few weeks.

Which of my systems will humii need access to?

None! Our anonymous shoppers always approach your site from a customer's point of view. This is crucial to our business and we take it very seriously. They interact with your online store exactly as your customers do. Therefore, we don't require access to your systems or need to engage your development teams for analysis - saving you time and resources!

Do you shop across a variety of devices?

Yes! We shop across desktop, mobile phone and mobile apps. Social media and in-store shopping are also on our roadmap. Exciting huh?

What is 'recalibration' of humii scores and why do you do it?

Recalibration is something we do typically around one per quarter. This is where we adjust the way your humii score is calculated, meaning a combination things:

  1. Our shoppers have started answering new questions, capturing new data and we’re now adding this to the scoring criteria
  2. We’ve decided to remove some scoring criteria because it’s no longer relevant
  3. We’re changing how we weight and measure existing criteria due to changes in customer sentiment or other factors. The humii score is designed to evolve and continuously improve.

As we discover new things to measure, new innovations hit the market, and customer sentiment changes, it’s important our scoring stays relevant.

All scores are applied retrospectively so you don't need to worry about making any changes on your end.

Do we need to do anything on our end when you recalibrate our scores?

Nope. Your humii snapshots will look exactly the same. We apply our updated scoring algorithm retrospectively, meaning previous scores and trend-lines may shift up and down depending on how those changes impact.

Shopper FAQ's
How do I register to become a shopper?

Use this link and follow the prompts.

Will I be notified once my shopper registration is approved?

Yes you will be sent an email, invited to necessary platforms and asked to create a shopper profile.

Where do I go to see my allocated shops?

We will invite you to our task allocation platform and send you push notifications and reminders.

How long do I have to complete a shop?

You will have up to 72 hours to complete an assigned shop before it is reallocated to another shopper.

Do I get given an email address I need to shop with or do I need to set up my own?

You are welcome to use your own personal email, or create one to use for your humii tasks. You will receive the occasional email from retailers you have shopped, so if you're not happy with those going to your personal email address, we advise you jump on the likes of Gmail and create something new.

Do I need to purchase anything using my own money?

No. Most reports, you will complete just up until the point of purchase - no payment should be required. If we have specified you purchase a product we will already have set you up with the necessary tools to enable you to do this.

How many shops will I be allocated?

It depends on your availability and the quality of your reports, we will start small and as you build your rating we will push more reports your way. It’s important to make sure your reports are well written and accurate, that way we can give you more reports if requested.

How will I be remunerated?

Very simply, you get paid for each report you complete. Pay cycles run every fortnight and will be paid into your nominated account that you specify on registration.

What do I do if I cannot complete a task or need some assistance whilst shopping?

Jump on our live chat anytime (bottom right corner of the form), and indicate that you need assistance as a humii shopper and one of the team will get back to you.

Am I allowed to say I am shopping for humii?

As a humii shopper we need you to remain anonymous so we don't receive any preferential treatment. So please don't reveal that you are working with humii whilst undertaking your shops.

What type of questions will I be asked?

The reports consist of a number of Yes/No, scale questions and open-ended questions, so we can gather as much information as possible on your experience shopping the allocated online retailer.

What format should I answer questions in?

When completing reports, it's important to use proper sentence structure, correct spelling/grammar/punctuation, and write as if the retailer is your audience. We prompt you to use emotion or sentiment behind the points you are making for example ‘There was a real lag in loading the pages each time I clicked into a new one, I found this really frustrating’ or ‘I really dislike it when a retailer doesn’t offer ApplePay’.

Once registered how do I get started shopping?

Once your application has been received and approved you will be sent next steps email from the humii team with instructions in how to get setup and start shopping. If you haven't heard from us please reach out via the live chat on our website.

Pricing FAQ's
Can we pay our subscription by the month?

Of course you can! You're welcome to pay by the month and you can cancel anytime with 30 days notice.

Do we get a discount if we pay up-front?

Sure! Settle any of our annual plans up-front and you get a nice juicy discount.