Online Shopper

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About Us

We are a start-up, we launched in late 2021 and we’re on the lookout for smart, motivated and reliable humans to join our team of shoppers.

Humii is a first-of-its-kind platform, pioneering a new era in retail customer insights. 

We’re on a mission to make online shopping better for everyone. We are bringing together cutting-edge technology with real human analysis of the entire online shopping experience.

The Team

Are you passionate about the journey a retailer takes you on as a customer? Are you after a flexible, fully remote, independent type gig that you can do from anywhere at any time? Join our diverse and fast-growing team of shoppers.

The Role

- 100% remote from anywhere at any time

- Pay for each report you complete

- Evaluate the online shopping experience through the lens of a customer

You will need:

- Your own device(s) - computer / laptop and smartphone

- Access to a post office (if you progress to advanced shopper level)

- Access to a printer on occasions

What you'll do

Register as a shopper, get allocated a report, complete the report, get paid. It’s that simple!

- We will guide you through each step of the process directing you to visit a retailer's website or app and follow the report prompts to evaluate your experience as a customer navigating their online store or app to the point of purchase or beyond.

- We will rate your reports based on the quality of the feedback you provide.

- Once you get the hang of it, and get a few 5-star ratings under your belt, we may invite you to join our team of expert shoppers and equip you with the tools needed for purchasing products in order to evaluate the end-to-end journey of the online shopping experience from start to finish.

What we're looking for

- Smart passionate shoppers

- Somewhat tech-savvy people, comfortable navigating their way around a new app or software

- Reliable – able to commit to a task and make sure it gets done on time and at a high standard

- A good communicator – you’ll need decent English reading and writing skills

- Great attention to detail

The Perks

- 100% remote from anywhere at any time

- Pay for each report you complete

- Opportunity to earn more and progress to more advanced shopper status