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Web analytics - All fur coat and no knickers?

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Lee Ritson
January 25, 2022
Web analytics - All fur coat and no knickers?

Promotions are based on it, bonuses are paid on it, sometimes a company's overall survival is dependent on it. That's right it’s those dreaded three little letters...


Over the last decade, analytics have become incredibly detailed and in-depth. You can track basically any user activity you like, all the way from page visits, active sessions, user locations, time on site, bounce rates, you can gather enough data to build complex AI prediction models - the list goes on and on and on...

This is all fantastic and can help you understand what is driving your sales conversions, cart abandonment and loyalty right? Well actually, no!  

With all this data available to retail businesses it’s possible to see exactly what a customer is doing, but equally im-possible to see why they are doing it. 

Example; you’ve been running an aggressive SEO / SEM campaign, you’re seeing a real uplift in unique visitors and things are tracking well all the way through to the cart – success? Suddenly cart abandonment starts to go through the roof for reasons completely indeterminable in the world of modern web analytics. There’s no tool or report that can tell you why this is happening. You’ve reached what we like to call the end of the line for web analytics

Not only has the SEO / SEM budget been wasted, but the loss of revenue could be substantial, and it could all be down to something as simple as a newly placed (but poorly tested) promotional pop-up hovering over your site’s checkout button. Trust us, we’ve seen it! Where no analytics have.

humii is different. We don’t just think NPS, conversion rates, or other traditional KPI's. We think about real human experiences. Our platform harnesses real human analysis to measure, score, benchmark and provide feedback from shoppers direct to retail leaders.

To find out more about how humii can help your retail business thrive, get in touch today!